Mountain Bikes For Sale

gary fisher mountain bike imageIf  you're looking for a second hand mountain bike this article is for you. There is a long list of criteria you have to look into before committing to buy one the offer may seem very appealing, but absolutely refrain from making the wrong move.

Primarily, you should get to know why the bike is for sale and evaluate its value with similar bikes in the market. Remember that there may be some catches if the rate is very cheap. In case you are going in for a thoroughly used one, there are some points to be kept in mind before you buy the bike.

trek mountain bike imageDo remember to identify the year of manufacture of the bike, the condition of the frame and its former performance. Check out whether the price is reasonable by evaluating similar bikes in the market. You should try and get detailed information by contacting the former owner about the bike's performance. It is always good to enquire why the concerned person is selling the vehicle. You should also ask him how regularly he used it. Enquire whether the bike has undergone any frame repairs and also detailed queries regarding the upkeep and servicing the vehicle. You should surely take a test drive before planning to buy it.

Now let us get down to the examination of the durability of the bike Look into the chain ring and the condition of the sprocket teeth. Examine whether these teeth are sharp. Sharp teeth are proof that they have been really worn out. Also check whether the gears are in good shape.

mongoose mountain bike imageWorn out gears run the risk of skidding when the pedals are pressurized. Remember to check for tears in the pressure prone belts. Also examine the wheels and make sure that they are not out of shape.

Although you conduct a thorough check up, you cannot say that you are risk free while buying a used mountain bike. Find out about its guarantee. Even though you have thoroughly checked all the important criteria, there is no guarantee when you buy a second hand one. It all depends on your luck.

Suppose there are a lot of bikes to take a pick from, go for the most popular brand in the market. Any way here's hoping you will come across the ideal piece in the market.  Wish you all the best.